Saltire invests in Superbike Superstar

At Saltire Roofing & Building, we’re heavily involved in community benefits. We sponsor and support a number of local charities and projects because we want to make a difference to people’s lives.

We recently received a very exciting update from Adon Davie, a budding superbike champion who we’ve been investing in for the last few years.

14 year old Adon travels the length and breadth of the UK in pursuit of his dream to one day become a World Champion. His racing career started at the age of 7 where he competed on his Mini Moto around the go-kart tracks of Scotland.

Showing natural talent and commitment to the sport from an early age, Saltire Roofing & Building recognized Adon’s potential and wanted to help him realise his dream, providing the team with a new, bigger Race Van. This allowed Adon to develop his skills further afield and take part in events in England and Wales where he was becoming a regular winner. As part of his natural progression at the age of 12, Adon made his ‘big bike’ debut taking 2nd place in his first ever race – even leading at one point!

Thanks to the Race Van from Saltire, the team could now travel to full weekend events on famous tracks such as Brands Hatch and Silverstone, allowing Adon to race against the best in the country.

By the end of 2018, Adon had won 5 National Mini Moto Championships, came 4th in the European Mini Road Racing Championship, 2nd in the Scottish 125 Championship, 2nd in the Melville 125 Championship, 4th in the Knockhill 125 Championship and had ridden for Honda in the very first British Talent Cup.

Saltire Roofing & Building has supported Adon every step of the way, and this year we’ve gifted the team another new, even bigger Race Van, allowing Adon to compete for the first time at British Superbikes (BSB) in the Junior Supersport class where he’ll be riding a Kawasaki Ninja 400.  As one of the youngest in the class and having never ridden some of the tracks before, Adon started the season with a 3-year-plan with “year 3” being the push for the Championship. To everyone’s surprise (with the exception of Adon himself!) he has dominated all of the races he has entered and has already attracted the attentions of some the big teams in the paddock.

Speaking exclusively to Saltire Roofing & Building, Adon said:

I’ve had an incredible start to the race season this year with 10 wins out of 10 races. Although I was feeling very confident after our winter testing, I really didn’t think that we’d be sitting now with full points across all of the championships at British Superbikes, East Fortune, Knockhill and the Scottish Championships.

East Fortune was our first outing this year. We used the weekend to get ourselves ready for the BSB Junior Supersport races at Silverstone making sure the bike was running well and setup as best we could albeit on a different track. The weekend couldn’t have gone better. We left there with four wins and the bike was feeling very good giving me a lot of confidence ahead of Silverstone. Four wins has a way of motivating you to do a lot more!

Silverstone came up mid-month and we were feeling ready. I was confident, the bike felt good and conditions couldn’t have been better. I was feeling strong from the beginning and topped the practice sessions before qualifying in pole position for the races. Both races went really well and I took both wins with a bit of a gap to 2nd and 3rd. Our pace was really strong and I broke the lap record on the last lap of the 2nd race by 0.5s. I couldn’t have been happier that weekend with massive thanks going to the team and Saltire for all the support.

We then moved onto Knockhill and again we were focused on making sure the bike is ready ahead of the next Junior Supersport round at Donnington Park . It was a great weekend with 4 more wins making that 10 out of 10 for the start of the season. I couldn’t have hoped for any more.

We’re in a good place right now but haven’t lost sight of the fact that it is a long season and we will need to keep fighting for every Pole and every Win.

I honestly can’t thank Saltire enough for believing in me from an early age and providing the help and support over the last 7 years which has given me the opportunity to get me to this part of my journey to become a World Champion.”