Introducing our new Green Champions…

We’re incredibly proud to announce that two key members of our team are now certified Green Champions!

Office Manager Cath Mason and Operations Manager Alan Davie have completed the training programme set by Zero Waste Scotland to ensure that Saltire Roofing & Building is as Green as it can be.

We have also made our Resource Efficiency Pledge – a Scottish government-backed scheme to help companies use their resources as efficiently as possible.

Saltire Roofing & Building Managing Director, Steven McIntosh said:

“I’d like to congratulate both Cath and Alan on completing their training and gaining their Green Champion certificates from Zero Waste Scotland.

As a team we’re fully committed to cutting our carbon footprint and our Resource Efficiency Pledge is a further demonstration of that commitment.

For many years, we’ve heavily invested in robust measures to minimise the impact our operations may have on the environment, but we don’t just want to ‘do our bit’.

Our vision is for Saltire to become an industry leader in helping to create a sustainable future that will safeguard the environment for generations to come.

Environmental Management is an area we’ll continue to invest in and our new Green Champions will take the lead in ensuring we not only meet, but exceed our targets.”