If we could ever offer our customers a satisfaction guarantee – this survey would be it.

Our latest quality management report has confirmed that Saltire Roofing & Building is consistently hitting high standards and is first for customer care.

The QMS International system has carefully measured satisfaction levels over the last two years, based on customer feedback.

During this period, over 2,000 customers filled out a customer care card or took part in our telephone survey and an average of 98% were completely satisfied with our work.

Saltire Roofing & Building Managing Director, Steven McIntosh said:

“There’s no better measure of our performance than to see it recorded in a report like this. The statistics really do speak for themselves, and more importantly, the figures are based entirely on customer feedback. What stands out for me is the consistency. As a team, we’re consistently great at what we do, and that’s the key to our success. There’s no room for complacency in this business and we’ll continue to strive to be the best, ensuring all our customers are happy in 2020.”