Bogus workman warning!

We would like to issue a warning to all members of the public to be on their guard against bogus workmen who may be posing as staff from Saltire Roofing & Building Ltd.

It follows reports of cold callers, using our company name, to carry out work for cash.

These are NOT employees of Saltire Roofing & Building Ltd and any person who has recently fallen victim to this scam is advised to contact the police.

How can you tell if you’re dealing with Saltire Roofing & Building Ltd or a fraudster?

  • We do not cold call
  • We do not accept cash
  • We visit first then send a quote
  • Our operatives all have identity badges and uniforms with our logo
  • Our white vans and other work vehicles are branded with our company logo
  • All our vehicles are fitted with trackers and dash cams so we know where our operatives are at all times

We would urge anyone with information regarding these recent incidents to contact police.