On the 1st of February, the team at Saltire Roofing & Building received an emergency call from The City of Edinburgh Council. A piece of mortar was hanging dangerously from the roof of a building in the Newhaven area and it was feared it could fall onto the pavement below. The Saltire team arrived on site within the hour, equipped with a cherry picker, operated by Infrastructure Coordinator Neil Bowie. Neil is no stranger to heights and within minutes of cordoning off the area to ensure public safety, he was at the top of the roof.

video footage

There, he discovered a large piece of vegetation had forced part of the ridge out of place. This was quickly removed and repaired.

Health & Safety is paramount at Saltire Roofing & Building.

Saltire’s Infrastructure Coordinator Neil Bowie said:

“At Saltire, we’re fortunate enough to have the equipment and expertise to carry out jobs like this and respond so quickly to emergency calls. Keeping the public and our own staff safe is a huge part of what we do every day, and Health & Safety is an area we consistently receive training in to ensure we’re at the top of our game.”